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Adding Home / Visiting Teaching on


Post by ChrisPadilla »

My Stake President was wondering if this coming? He would like me to train the Presidents once this ready, if it's going to happen.

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Post by russellhltn »

It's not coming any time soon. I would not make any plans based on it's expected appearance.
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Post by TullisDA »

Right now, HT and VT information is only stored in the ward's MLS computer. Getting this available on the Net would require a great deal of reprogramming to get both MLS and Leader and Clerk Resources on in sync. It will come, but will likely be later than sooner.
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Post by alanmitchell »

I think this is one of the most desireable of the MLS functions to have migrated to the online resources ( as many of our Melchizedek priesthood quorum and Relief Society leaders do not have a building key or a clerks office key for access to the ward computer to do their entries in MLS.
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Post by ecotim »

Can I add a point? If the developers are reading. Instead of thinking that the LDS portal and MLS needing to sync on HT & VT, make it a separate function for EQ, HPGL and RS to access on the LDS portal. For a long time the EQ and HPGL were not inputting their data into MLS at all. They had their own system and reported the numbers to me. If they could just have a function on the portal then less people will be wanting access time on the Ward PC. I think a lot would rather to be able to do this independent of the MLS system. Make it like Duty to God and Young Women in Excellence. Tagged to your calling.
Just my two cents.
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Post by greggo »

What is LDS Portal?
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Post by davesudweeks »

I suspect ecotim is referring to In my ward, we load all our HT and VT data on MLS so ecotim's suggestion may not work as well for everyone. That said, I personally would be just as happy to load HT information on as on MLS (I am the HPGL in my Ward).

If the church can live without "Linking" MLS and for Home and Visiting Teaching data, many of us would be just as happy to use from home rather than schedule time at the church to upload our HT and VT data. I just mention this as a possibility to simplify the development.
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Post by jdlessley »

I think it is great that people are trying to find solutions to get HT/VT online. However, the online implementation of HT/VT application(s)/program(s) is out of the hands of the developers. The direction for HT/VT online is guided by the Brethren.
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Post by mrcolj »

As a workaround, I export the HT reports to PDF, then open them into Acrobat Reader on my iPad and PC, which allow me to draw on, or type on, the screen. That fulfills most of what people want when they talk about entering home teaching online. I can edit on the screen, save it, and then either email it to others in the chain, print it, or take the report, now full of checkboxes/etc. to the clerk's office to be punched in quickly.

PS The same model works for scriptures--rather than using the text-only scriptures app, just download the PDF. Then your formatting is correct, your page numbers are correct, your fonts are correct, and if you want to underline anything, it'll save into the PDF and be there on your other devices.

Holler if you have any questions on how this works, here or at
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Post by tylertwright »

I understand that there are technical reasons for the delay. I also understand (and support) the need to make sure that all information is secure, i.e. this type of functionality may take some time.

I am, however, frustrated by the complete lack of information that comes our way. There is nothing top secret about HT/VT. I don't undestand why they can't throw us a bone here. Coupled with the inability to now use ward tools, it is frustrating for those of us who have little access to the computer in the clerk's office.
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