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Alan_Brown wrote:Thank you for taking the time to give the details. What I did not understand at first is that the incorrect data only shows up:
  • in the preview of the data that is presented when you choose "Set Column Widths"
  • when the report is first created
  • when the report involves "on date" or "before date" or "after date" criteria
It appears to me that the on/before/after date criterion is ignored in the Set Column Widths preview when the report is first created. I guess I've never used that combination. Rarely do I do anything with the Set Column Widths preview, although it is certainly reasonable to do so -- in fact, it has buttons like Print and Save to File that would only make sense if the data is trustworthy.

This bug has been fixed. The Set Column Widths preview now accurately reflects the "on date" criterion, even when the report is first created. I know it is fixed in MLS 2.9.1, and I would guess that it was fixed in 2.9 (but since I didn't look until now, and my stake has upgraded to 2.9.1, I'm not sure).
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