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Alan_Brown wrote:Ah, very good! . . . MLS handles this much better.

The button is called "New Slip", and indeed it allows you to create multiple donation slips (the left side of the donation screen), each of which can be for a different person.
I did not answer the question because I actually read the help instructions in MLS and missed this. Here is another case where the instructions are not clear.

"New Slip: Use this button when there is more than one tithing slip in an envelope for one donor." The instructions do not indicate that you may have different donor names on the different slips.

When I read that, I did not realize it was the answer to the problem Paull44 presented. The sad thing is that I have done exactly that in the past with multiple family donors and only one check. But, it has been a while. And, reading the directions in MLS, I could not remember how I had done it.
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