Stake Annual History Report Due Soon

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Stake Annual History Report Due Soon

Postby primetime5 » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:18 am

I just got an email from the Area Presidency's Executive Secretary stating that the Stake's annual history report is due on 3/31. I'm still pretty new to this and wasn't even aware of this responsibility. The link is somewhat helpful but it does appear that this is not a template-driven submission other than the provided cover page. Does anyone have a good system for completing this?

Is the idea to go and get all of the ward conference officers sustained forms and include those? And each ward's calendars? If so what is the best method for doing so? As far as I can tell there is not repository of such forms found on

Can anyone give some guidance on how to get this done?
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Re: Stake Annual History Report Due Soon

Postby davesudweeks » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:33 am

If you will send me an email (dave.l.sudweeks <at> gmail dot com), I will forward you a few examples of what we have done as a ward. As the ward clerk, I have coordinated several ward histories. There is no prescribed format, only general suggestions and questions that ward/branch organizations can consider in their history.
There is more information in this thread: ... 45&t=15542

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