Paying for High Adventure for young man that moved

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Paying for High Adventure for young man that moved

Postby bibby042 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:10 pm

Our scouts have an annual fundraiser that largely pays for high adventure. One of our scouts participated last year and brought in enough money to pay for his own high adventure cost (and then some) but his family moved before high adventure occurred in our ward. The money is collected in an Other category. The young man participated in High Adventure with his new ward and his father has contacted us about cutting a check to the other ward for the amount, so that it can then be used to cover the cost. Has anyone dealt with this type of situation before that could comment on how it was dealt with?

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Re: Paying for High Adventure for young man that moved

Postby daveywest » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:22 pm

BSA guidelines specifically state no individual fundraising accounts. Even if he participated in a group fundraiser, he has no individual claim on a portion of the group funds. If he donated personal funds to pay a portion of the camp, then that should be refunded, but technically, he didn't earn anything by participating in the fundraiser.

Likely what you've encountered is a situation where your ward did fundraisers, while the new ward just asked the family to pay the total cost. That said, this is a situation where the Bishop's discretion should be employed to decided the correct course of action.

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