Google Voice Phone Number for receipts?

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Google Voice Phone Number for receipts?

Postby latviankid » Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:26 am

Now that we are shifting expenses online, I have been receiving ALL of the receipts via text on my personal phone. Does it make sense to create something like a Google Voice phone number for the ward so that when I'm eventually released the phone number and text images go to the next guy? I was thinking about something similar for the Executive Secretary. Is there anything in church policy that would discourage this? Anyone else out there doing this already? Any other pluses/minuses?

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Re: Google Voice Phone Number for receipts?

Postby chriswoodut » Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:52 pm

I treat all communication to me with receipts as temporary documentation. When I take those documents and upload them into LCR for the expense, that is the official record. Once the documentation is all digitized, attached in LCR to the expense, and approved then the paper, emails, text versions are unnecessary. If you want to be cautious, you could hold onto them until the next audit. But, the uploaded version is the official documentation. Now, having said that, it is my understanding from others on this forum that the programming for members to submit reimbursement requests via LCR is "coming soon".

That's a long way of saying, I wouldn't go and create manual systems to track paperwork.

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