Ward Budget Planning

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Ward Budget Planning

Postby drepouille » Fri Oct 16, 2020 3:46 pm

I just sent the following email to my ward council members. I have obfuscated the details that pertain only to my ward.

The ward council needs to decide soon (before Christmas) how to allocate 2021 ward budget funds.

Quarterly budget allocations are determined by the attendance numbers we report on each quarterly report, and by the percentage the stake presidency decides to pass on to the ward budget.

The stake currently passes on to the ward:
  • xx% of the general budget
  • xx% of the Young Men budget
  • xx% of the Young Women budget
  • xx% of the Primary budget
  • xx% of the Young Single Adult budget
When estimating 2021 income, please remember:
  • The amount of budget funds we carry over to 2021 depends on how much we spend before the end of 2020, and IF the stake president asks us to return unspent budget funds to the stake.
  • 2020 expenses (receipts) not received and reimbursed by 31 Dec 2020 will be paid out of the 2021 budget.
  • We use 2020 allocation amounts to estimate 2021 allocation amounts.
  • Bottom line: The numbers shown below are all estimates and guesswork.
Estimated 2021 Ward Budget available:
  • $xxxx carryover from 2020 (assumed)
  • $xxxx Q1 (Jan 10th) allocation
  • $xxxx Q2 (Apr 10th) allocation
  • $xxxx Q3 (Jul 10th) allocation
  • $xxxx Q4 (Oct 10th) allocation
  • $xxxx total estimated 2021 budget funds available
Other:AMFA accounts (from previous fundraisers, not from the budget):
  • YM Camp and Activities $xxxx
  • YW Camp and Activities $xxxx
Possible expense categories for which the ward council may allocate budget funds for 2021:
  • For the Strength of Youth (FSY) Conference (assistance for those youth who cannot afford to pay their own expenses)
  • Elders quorum
  • Relief Society
  • Primary
  • Young Men
  • Young Women
  • Ward activities
  • Administration (supplies, curriculum order, and other overhead)
Ward organization presidents should be able to review their current year budget on LCR Finance here:
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

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