CUBS Transition Period Question

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Postby allenjpl » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:37 pm

Alan_Brown wrote:I'm not sure I agree. I was able to transmit multiple times on the 17th. I wasn't locked out until the system date rolled over to the 18th. So it seems to me that the system date is indeed a factor in the lockout.

This was my experience. It may or may not match up with anyone else's. After I realized I had forgotten to print the reports, I discovered that my Ward Clerk had downloaded MLS 3.2.3 recently, and the install folder was still on the church computer. I took that, along with the backups from 10/10, 10/16, and 10/17 and installed MLS at home on the 24th. I started with the data from 17th, but when I tried to access the data, I received the message that the financial stuff was locked out. So, I scrubbed the install, and restored from the 16th's. I received the same message. At that point, I logged out, changed the date on my computer to the 17th, and logged back in. I had full access. I printed out what I needed to, scrubbed the installation, and re-installed it, this time restoring from the 17th. As long as my computer date was before the 18th, I had full access. I breathed long sighs of relief, printed the info to both .pdf and hard copy, and scrubbed the install again.

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