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Re: Electronic donations

Postby brandonreed08 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:48 pm

aclawson wrote:I know people have been asking about this over the years and the answer has always been "possibly, eventually" but as society changes this becomes a more pressing issue.

There are many people out there who don't use physical checks, don't have a local bank branch and don't usually deal with cash. Paying their tithes requires multiple trips to an ATM to withdraw cash which can be inconvenient, fee-ridden and poses a safety risk as every trip to an ATM is a potential mugging - not to mention the risk of simply losing cash or the temptation of spending it instead of delivering it to the bishop.

Are there serious, active and prioritized efforts underway to allow US/Canada unit members to submit donations electronically within the next three years? I understand that the church is very conservative when it comes to technological implementation and that can be a good thing, but considering that the new generation has brought 20-somethings who have never actually touched a physical checkbook and may be required to pay at least $2.50 in fees just to come up with the cash to pay their tithing I respectfully submit that this is something that can't be left off indefinitely.
I absolutely agree. In my opinion based on the trends in the marketplace a new system will have to be implemented. With all the disruption to cash and check payments remaining on such systems ensures insolvency in the future. Since the church won't leave the earth again, another solution must be on the way. If other man made organizations can do it, surely the Kingdom of God on Earth can too.

In all reality it will likely save the church money doing an electronic system rather than having to purchase or produce all those tithing slips and envelopes. Further it will save the Bishopric the risk of getting excommunicated every week for an accounting error and allow the Bishopric to minister to the membership more with the time the are saved. I know this solution will come in the Lord's time, because in all reality it has to, it might be a choice now but it won't be 5-10 years from now. The church might push it to the end but I have faith it will come.

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