New and Returning Member Progress

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New and Returning Member Progress

Post by nbllds-p40 »

Is there a way to save specific members' New and Returning Member Progress forms so that they can be updated and saved in MLS?

I've received vague direction to save these forms in MLS so that the stake can see them. I can see how you can "Auto Fill" information about a member, and type in other information, but I don't see any kind of save option. All I see is Print. Am I missing something?
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Post by russellhltn »

nbllds wrote:All I see is Print. Am I missing something?
If you have the CutePDF "printer" installed, you can "print" to a PDF file.

But, I'm not seeing any other options.
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Post by kisaac »

nbllds wrote: All I see is Print. Am I missing something?
We've been told the "stake representative" will view them from time to time, but all this means in our stake is that the high council rep would ask our bishop to let him glance through the file folder kept in the bishops office...

It would be more powerful if MLS actually kept track online of these, but it doesn't.
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New and Returning Member Progress

Post by fgmitchell »

Here it is over year later and my Ward is just getting with this program. So please tell me all out can. Also if you found a way to save and update to MLS. And is the form in Word and/or Excel

Brother F Mitchell
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Post by JamesAnderson »

I would think that each line on that form, especially from the time the member is baptized on, would have an event in MLS (except maybe for the new member lessons that are taught usually immediately after baptism (same as missionary lessons in Preach My Gospel, with lesson 5 from those lessons added).

So you can probably get lists from MLS for about everything else, of who has not gone past those milestones or for any given milestone on the form. Then getting those that are in the book with those forms into a report is probably what is needed. Might it be possible to create a custom report of some type given the availability otherwise of much of the info needed?
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Post by fgmitchell »

Thank YOU
Where can I learn more? ALSO who has it in WORD or EXCEL
FG Mitchell
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Post by aebrown »

fgmitchell wrote:Where can I learn more?
There was an earlier thread with some additional information: New and Returning Member Progress

You can read more on under Conversion and Retention about how the form is to be used in ward councils.
fgmitchell wrote:ALSO who has it in WORD or EXCEL
I doubt that this form exists in Word or Excel. I suppose someone with the right tools could turn the PDF from the Church into a fillable PDF, but I haven't heard of anyone doing that yet for this particular form.
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Re: New and Returning Member Progress

Post by OwenDWelling1 »

this site is secured but I am working on some of these issues for use in our ward...
I probably could miror it once complete for just about any ward..
you'll need a google or gmail login and I will grant permission to access after I authenticate your ID..

I need some beta testers outside of the ward..
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Re: New and Returning Member Progress

Post by jdlessley »

OwenDWelling1 wrote:this site is secured but I am working on some of these issues for use in our ward...
I fail to see the connection between new and returning member progress, the topic discussed in this thread, and having access to a Google Groups site. Perhaps you can enlighten me.
JD Lessley
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Re: New and Returning Member Progress

Post by papavon »

I seem to find the same mystery about this form expressed by others. I have ordered paper forms from with no delivery (Stated that they were out of stock but could be located in local MLS). I am a Stake Clerk and so do not have access to ward clerk MLS. For my own purposes and for training, I have created a fillable Word document that replicates the form. However, training on the subject is either woefully lacking or difficult to locate. We are going to be training on the subject in Bishopric Training this month but I am having trouble fining much in the way of training.
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