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Re: Turning on stake clerk's computer remotely

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:48 pm
by carloswm85
klricks wrote:Why turn off the computer?

You could use an Internet power switch. Google for info.

You could use a manual timer to turn on the computer at certain time(s) or day(s).

Ok, I'll Google for those.

klricks wrote:Just curious what the Clerk needs to do remotely in MLS? Most everything can be done anywhere in LCR at
At the Ward level the only thing that needs MLS is donation entry and check printing both of which require the user to be physically present.

As far as I know what he needs to do is expenses (I'm not sure how to call it in English) and that cannot be done using LCR. Right? I know that that functionality hasn't migrated from MLS yet. And no, he cannot be physically present (though he travels sometimes once a month an do part of his work while being in the stake secretary). As I said before, he lives 150 miles away from the Stake Center. Also, he uses the secretary's printer, something that cannot be done through LCR.