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Postby wkadams » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:58 pm

I have a couple more questions about your ward map program. It has really helped. Today I completed entering Stake geocodes for the entire Stake. Ward maps was very helpful in mapping and assigning those geocodes. I just now have some cleanup to do and getting the Wards to find missing addresses.

Relative to my question about apartment numbers. I found that if I just did some post processing to the membership file, I could map the addresses. For example, I could just do a find and replace on the address column and remove all the # or Apt. Even though it left the number, this permitted wardmaps to map the address which is all I ever wanted.

I do have some addresses the Ward Maps will not map or maps incorrectly. In this case I have manually placed those locations. However, I find that if I now use another computer those manual locations are not remembered. There must be a file or something the stores these items. Is it possible to identify that file and move it to another computer?

Also, please explain what Automatically Re-map does. Does it only re-map the selected address or all the manually placed addresses. Or maybe it re-maps every address. Just a brief explanation will do. Thanks

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