Gospel Library videos

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Gospel Library videos

Postby drepouille » Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:09 am

Our meetinghouse has a cable modem with 200 Mbps service. After Sacrament meeting today, a member approached me with his iPad and said, "You have serious problems with your Internet." On his iPad, he was running the Gospel Library app, and had problems playing a video in the app. I think he said he could play the same video in a browser, but I am not sure about that.

I just told him that we have been asked to download videos at home, and view them offline while at the meetinghouse. He said he had tried to do that, but never got it to work. I suspect he doesn't know how to do that with his iPad.

I also told him that streaming videos from a Church server on Sundays is always problematic.
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

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