Satellite Internet experience

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Satellite Internet experience

Postby hyatttp » Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:21 pm

The WildBlue satellite Internet company has a new "Excede" service that may help some of our remote meetinghouses with an acceptable bandwidth speed. It is understood that the speeds are not guarranteed and will depend on other traffic in the area. This may be the only choice in some of our remote areas.

The question is if anyone is already using this and what is your experience with it.

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Postby ggllbb » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:48 pm

I use Excede for my personal internet. So far, my experience has been acceptable.

Having said that, if I had other choices, I would use them. I have used satellite internet in the past with marginal to poor success, but so far, Excede seems to have solved many of those issues.

There are several limitations.
1) It is only available in some areas, excluding many non-coastal areas in the US.
2) There is more latency than with other solutions due to the round trip to the satellite and back.
3) There is a data usage limitation per month. Once that limit is passed, the speed is throttled back until the end of the billing period. Also, I suspect that persistent over usage would result in other action. The home user limit is 7.5 Gbyte, but there are other more costly options.
4) I'm not sure what commercial plans are available.

Excede could be worth looking into.

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