Any Meetinghouses experience with; Current Sprint Broadband unacceptable

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Re: Any Meetinghouses experience with; Current Sp

Postby Bizegrama » Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:34 am


Thanks, Russell for the suggestion. There is only the Methodist Church across the street (& it sets so far back not sure if wireless would work) & apartment building. Not sure that would be possible. But will look in to it. Right now, we (FMG, Clerk, FHC director, etc) are willing to look at all options.

Just got an e-mail from FamilySearch (FHC support) asking for the diagram of our FHC, list of equipment, etc. This appears to be the printer upgrades. It talks about reducing stress by providing technology in your center, which we need - computers 7-8 yrs old. While we need the technology upgrades, my stress is having to come in every time and reboot the systems 3-5 times trying to try to get adequate internet service and in having to apologize to patrons that we can't get on to the internet adequately to do research & help them. Our regular patrons are very understanding as they know our situation. New patrons I have to try and explain the situation to them.

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