New Successful Filter Test Page

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New Successful Filter Test Page


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Please note that the successful filtering test page for has changed with the new filtering solution. There is an article available on MHTech that directs individuals on how to test their meetinghouse filtering and what results they should expect to receive - ... w?lang=eng. Failed filter tests will continue receiving the blue screen with the X on it, this has not changed.
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Re: New Successful Filter Test Page


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It would also be nice if the wording on the filtering test page could be improved. As stake technology specialist, I recently got called out to investigate a failed financial audit item for a brand new ward clerk, where they claimed that they had failed the filtering test. My investigation showed that during the audit, they typed in '', and saw a message about "This site is blocked" with the browser bar updating to a completely different URL, and assumed that they could not access the filter and therefore marked failure on the audit. The clerk even admitted to me that the auditor asked him "what does the green check mean?" but that since neither of them knew for sure, they decided that the error message meant they were unable to test the filter (and NOT that the filter test had passed!), so they felt safer taking the audit exception. It takes a LOT of training to get people to recognize that a failure message is desirable.

Changing the filter landing page to add additional text, along the lines of "This site is blocked. If you reached this screen during an audit of the firewall, the firewall has passed the test" would go a long way towards alleviating the fears of auditors and clerks, many of whom are not experienced with technological nuances, and save me the effort of cleaning up after an audit exception that in reality was not a problem. And similarly, accessing from my phone's data plan for comparison showed me a page with just an X, but no explanatory text. There, it would be nice if the page could be enhanced to read something like "If you reached this screen during an audit of the firewall, your test has failed. Please contact your Stake Technology Specialist for assistance."
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