Managing Control of Unit Wireless Installs

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Postby Mikerowaved » Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:48 am

James_Francisco wrote:In a new building why have wireless access at all? I'm in the process of provisioning a 16224 sq. ft. Chapel (Full chapel, not a stake center.) that should have between 25 and 29 network jacks throughout the facility.

Also, with a wireless LAN the stake president has direct control over who will receive the needed WPA Key for access and can change it anytime he feels there is a problem. With a large number of "open" wired ports, there is currently no direct control. Whoever plugs in gets full access to the LAN. This opens the possibility for packet sniffing (via ARP poisoning), accidental or intentional virus introductions, or other mischief.
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Postby slmsz20 » Fri Sep 04, 2009 5:37 pm

My stake had a dilema about what type of network to use. The building is old (circa late 50s) and made out of cinderblock (only sheetrock is where a wall was installed to divide a few rooms). We contemplated running cat5/6 but it was a big mess trying to get it into every office, so we compromised and ran cat5 to central locations with switches and then ran lines for wireless access points to cover the building. I would agree the best way to do network for a building would be to run cable in the construction phase but if that's not an option a wireless network is a reasonable alternative.

I did ask the church helpdesk if it would be possible to manage the mac address filter that comes with the cisco firewall, but they replied it was not an option, so I use the built in one on the access points. Mac address filters can be fooled, but it is effective for most purposes. Plus we use a wpa encryption with non broadcasting.

The easiest way to control connections would be a mac filter on the firewall with wpa encryption on the access points, but since that is not an option we make do.

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Network though power lines

Postby pricer » Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:44 pm

I had a older ward building that all walls were brick. We used a commercial version of network through power lines. Here is a link to the version we used.

This works great if all the plugs for the network are on the same breaker box. The cost is about $80.00 each, but we did not have to drill holes in brick walls or the ceilings to run network cable. Saved a lot of time. You plug the network patch cable out of the cisco firewall into the pluglan in the nearest electrical socket and just plug in another pluglan into the clerks office electrical socket and the patch cable to the computer, instant network. Works the same as a direct wired network connection. We used the pluglan in 3 clerks offices and 1 in the mechanical room with the internet connection and cisco firewall.

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