AP Scheduler for building access points

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AP Scheduler for building access points

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With the ability to now broadcast Sacrament meeting, I have a couple buildings that I would like to disable access points during the meetings. I've found the AP Scheduler but it looks like I can only choose one range of time for each day. I'd like to have a split schedule with wifi available before AND after Sacrament meetings but not during. Is there a way to do this with the AP Scheduler?
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Re: AP Scheduler for building access points

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Not currently.

When the scheduling feature was created it was intended to be used to deal with people leeching off the church's WiFi system. Webcasting for anything except stake conference wasn't a thing.

You can request it via the feedback link on the main pages, but I wouldn't expect much unless it becomes apparent that weekly webcasts for shut-ins becomes a more permanent feature.
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