Old TR backup files discovered on floppy disks

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Old TR backup files discovered on floppy disks

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I'm currently working with one of the members of my ward to discover if files we found on some old floppy disks contain his genealogy on it. He handed me some floppy disks that he used to save it on back in 1997, and the only type of files that were on those disks were .REC, .BAC, .RPT, and .SUB files. I'm able to open most of them up using WordPad, but most of it is unreadable. I can only make out bits and pieces of it with the exception of the .BAC files. Here is the little bit of one of them:

1 SOUR TempleReady
2 VERS 2.10
1 DEST 00008
1 DATE 12 Feb 1997
1 TRAN 0855808037

That file appears to go on with some names that look like they were being submitted for the temple. Since I see the word TempleReady, I assume these are files from the program, but as everyone knows, it is no longer supported or available for download as that functionality has moved online. I've already tried using alternative programs like RootsMagic and AncestrialQuest, but neither one is able to read the files. Is there any way to recover what little data is on these disks for him? Thanks!
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Re: Old TR backup files discovered on floppy disks

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I'm trying to remember the details. You might try changing the extension to GED and seeing if you can open them as a GEDCOM file.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "site:churchofjesuschrist.org/help" to the search criteria.

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