Indexing reports

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Indexing reports

Postby dgrawrock » Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:26 pm

I'm the tech support for my wife who is the stake indexing director. The reports from the admin panel are not really helpful to the Bishops and Stake President. I put together a spreadsheet that creates some charts with some meaningful data for them. They love it.

The problem is that data input is impossible for someone who is not tech literate. That would be my wife. I run the report because i have to manually create the CSV file, which is REALLY horrible as you have to be very careful with the data as it doesn't include dates. Then after downloading the CSV file i have to have the spreadsheet point to the download, process the CSV into a pivot table, and then run the reports.

I really need a way to pull the data through an API so that i can automate that function. I'm willing to help with a project. If anyone is interested in the spreadsheet let me know and i'll send it on.

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