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How should copier service issues be resolved?

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:25 am
by Copier Admin-p40
Refer local members with copier responsibility to the established phone number (800-537-7192) for obtaining copier service or supplies directly from church-contracted vendors. If this standard procedure proves inadequate (a rare occurrence) and a service or supply issue needs escalation for resolution, members route these issues through the FMG to Copier Administration. The Facilities Management Group collects details and forwards it to HQ Copier Administration so that solutions can be implemented.
The reason local members call to schedule service instead of FMGs or Copier administration is because vendors require the name and phone number of a local person that can open the building and provide them access to the copier. Warranties include provision for on-site fixing of broken/inoperative machines at no charge, but do not cover operator abuse issues or cleaning (this is done during service visits). Members should call for service as often as needed.
If a stake/ward has purchased their own copier outside the approved program they remain solely responsible for it.