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Re: Family History Class in buildings with no FHC

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:09 pm
by JeffTurgeon
I would think that as a FHC consultant for your local ward you would be showing members how to access their information from their own PC.

Therefore, showing them with your laptop in the class (connected to the wards WIFI network), and projected on a projection screen (large class) or on the widescreen TV how one could do this themselves from the comfort of their home.

The easier you make it look, by guiding them step-by-step, the more likely they will do it when they have the time. There really are no resources they will need, other than a computer, unless they are digging in records on microfilm which of course would lead them to going to the Stake FHC to order and use these materials.

Re: Family History Class in buildings with no FHC

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 8:59 pm
by tdjones2000
We have a regular FHC in our Stake Center, and we have a small "satellite FHC" in a Ward building that is over an hour from the Stake Center. The latter has a couple of computers that were older clerk computers, I think, and a couple others that are donated, which i understand is not authorized. All of these are running XP and don't have the resources to be upgraded. However, I now have Bishoprics in other buildings that want to use donated computers in their buildings to help members get names entered into Family Search and prepare them for Temple work. What are the restrictions for this? Who is responsible for these donated computers? I have no issue with maintaining the church computers in our stake as STS, but I really don't want to take on these various other donated systems as well. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Re: Family History Class in buildings with no FHC

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 3:27 am
by jdlessley
tdjones2000 wrote:What are the restrictions for this?

Unofficial centers are the responsibility of the unit that sponsors them. The computers for unofficial family history centers are obtained and maintained by the unit that sponsors the center. The source of the computers, such as from donors, is not restricted by the rules that apply to official FHCs.

tdjones2000 wrote:Who is responsible for these donated computers?

If the stake set up the unofficial center then the stake is responsible for all the computer equipment. This includes maintaining the computers.