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Postby tomj » Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:48 am

bhofmann wrote:My wife is an intense genealogist and she always finds herself becoming involved with her ancestor's lives. She likes to know about where they lived, if the house is still there, what was going on in the world/country/state at the time, etc. She really thought this application is a great idea because you could add even more information in a visually appealing manner. I think you are correct, if you can get more people to be more invovled with their ancestors it would generate more interest. I think that is when most people get bitten by the "bug".

When I was in Nauvoo Recently, I went to the Land and Records Office. I was searching out information about a Great Great Grandfather, and I was shocked at the amount of information that there was on him in the Land and record office. They had it in a PDF, it contained scanns of several documents, pictures and stories about my Great Great Grand Dad. They even burned me a CD with the PDF on it!! I treasure that Information. It had a map of nauvoo and showed where he lived and everything, I was able to go there and photograph Lot. It really made Family History come alive for me.

I guess my point of this post is that I too agree with bhoffman and think it would be a worth while investment for the church as well

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Postby nbflint » Thu Apr 12, 2007 3:00 pm

RussellHltn wrote:
It would be nice and I'm sure people will want it. But realistically what I'm hoping for is that something will work out so that people can "add" to the basic NFS functionality to give it this ability. Perhaps though the APIs.

While what I've seen of the Family Search beta is exciting, my family has been doing much of this for some time now. Our site at uses an open source project called phpGedView. It allows ANY documents to be attached to an individual, family, search etc. In passing the head developer of phpGedView has posted his intent to support/use the new Family Search api when it is released. I suspect this will allow families to host their own family history sites while using their site to interact with the new Family Search.

While I feel that a feature allowing documents/images already hosted by the church to be linked the new Family Search tree would be viable (the only space requirement is a couple of bytes to store the link information), I would leave adding other documents, such as photos, cemetery maps, biographies, audio, video, and the like to individual families. There are plenty of photo storage sites etc for us to use.

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Postby thedqs » Sat Apr 14, 2007 2:50 pm

Getting back to the Life Browser I was very impressed with it. I especially appriciated the ability to add notes to the documents.

I personally think that what is comming out of FamilySearch labs is all going to be intergrated into the NFS in the future. I am just glad that we get to preview the "work-in-progress."
- David

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