New FamilySearch Web Services and DevNet Website

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New FamilySearch Web Services and DevNet Website

Postby ClarkeGJ » Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:09 am

“New FamilySearch Web Services has spawned an active Developer Community”

FamilySearch has release Web Services for it New FamilySearch family tree. This means that software companies in the genealogy marketplace can create programmatic interfaces to read and write to the data in the New FamilySearch using FamilySearch APIs (ie. Application Program Interfaces) The FamilySearch APIs are “RESTful”, meaning they follow guiding principles of “Representational State Transfer”. The FamilySearch APIs are simple as possible and straightforward in their use. Request are made using parameters on the URL address and results are returned with eXtensable Markeup Language (XML).

FamilySearch has created the website to facilitate the marketing and utilization of these new web services. FAQs and hundreds of Knowledge Articles are available to the public. Registered Developers will be able to receiv a higher level of support, download complete documentation and sample code, engage in forum discussions, review news and events posted by FamilySearch and other developers. All of the benefits and agreements for FamilySearch Developer Services and FamilySearch Affiliates programs are easily accessible from this new website. Developers are building this new community by joining, sharing ideas and code, and actively participating in forums, news, events, and the FamlySearch Affiliates programs.
Gordon Clarke
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