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FamilySearch Web Service Affiliates

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:13 am
by ClarkeGJ
All of the benefits and agreements for FamilySearch Developer Services and FamilySearch Affiliates programs are easily accessible from Developers are building this new community by joining, sharing ideas and code, and actively participating in forums, news, events, and the FamlySearch Affiliates programs.

In the beginning of the API development, a few Web Service Affiliates contributed greatly to the design and testing of the initial web services and they will soon be offering compatible products. Specifically, Generation Maps, Incline Software, Millennia Corp, Ohana Software, Progeny Software, RedBugz Software, and Roots Magic worked closely with FamilySearch until the web services we released the end of last year. Many developers are becoming FamilySearch Affiliates so that they can benefit from increase website privileges and co-marketing opportunities through the use of the FamilySearch Certified Logo.