Single Sign On to the old LDS Domain

Church Account is the primary user account (user name and password) for accessing online Church resources. Church Account was formerly known as LDS Account. This forum is a space to discuss all things related to Church Accounts (registration, account recovery, user experience, vulnerabilities, etc.).
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Single Sign On to the old LDS Domain

Postby lajackson » Mon May 20, 2019 10:37 am

In the last few days, getting through links to anything at the old LDS domain is nearly impossible. A good 95% of the time (probably an underestimate) a sign in attempt at returns the sign in page, not the page to which the sign in should redirect.

I have found that the only way to successfully get to the old side of the wall is to totally sign out of anything I am using in the new ChurchofJesusChrist domain, clear cache and cookies, and then intentionally sign in to the LDS domain. This makes the Help pages almost inaccessible, Technology Manager a real puzzle to access, and many other locations that have not yet been converted to the new domain.

This problem came to a head for me yesterday when I was not able to provide technology support to a meetinghouse in another city. I am grateful that the GSC was willing to do it for me when I called them asking about the sign in problem, which does not appear to be browser-related. I had problems with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge yesterday, and continue to have those problems today.

I hope the domain transition ends soon, because it appears that the redirects have bubbled out of control. For once, I wish that hope does not spring eternal.

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Re: Single Sign On to the old LDS Domain

Postby russellhltn » Mon May 20, 2019 10:50 am

I've experienced it as well, but no where near to that level of frequency.
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