What does the future look like for Media in the meetinghouses and teaching?

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What does the future look like for Media in the meetinghouses and teaching?


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In all our hurried discussions to 'get something in place for 2013 Youth curriculum' it might be wise to consider what the future direction of the Church is. We've seen bits and pieces posted on the forums, and, I think for a good perspective it would be good to gather any of these tid-bits to prepare ourselves for what is coming. Maybe we'll make better purchasing decisions when we know what the future is.

Anyone listening from CHQ, please fill in some blanks...

Disclaimer, none of this is written in stone, subject to change on a whim, but the direction that I've been able to piece together is this:

1. Locally cached content at the meetinghouses. Some kind of NAS streaming server that likely supports open standards to allow the widest variety of media device (IOS/Android/Windows/Linux/TV/Set-top-boxes(STB)) to connect and stream. This streaming server will be updated during 'off hours' for the meetinghouses.

2. A lesson planner added to or in addition to the Notes and Journal app. This solution would allow a teacher to assemble a lesson with content from lds.org 'tagged' into the app in a centralized lesson planner. Media that is tagged in the lesson could be played from the Internet if at home, but at the meetinghouse would select the locally cached content available. Also could be shared with others.

I think through my conversations, email lists from the mobile app development teams, and this board, we can be CONFIDENT that these 2 items are coming in the future.

What does this mean for us?

Wifi is not a luxury anymore, but must be included for each Meetinghouse. Full coverage of the building should be worked towards, and not limited to 'good enough for most areas' - the ISP speeds in meetinghouses could likely be reduced and should be considered. Full Wifi is better than Faster ISP in my opinion, for every-day use (if locally cached content is available).

ISP should be approached using a matrix similar to the following:
Stake Center --> Greatest ISP (only in that it is the Upload Speeds for webcast that are the most important here)
Meetinghouse (used for video conferencing and FHC) --> Next Tier of ISP Speed
Meetinghouse (used for webcast viewing) --> Next Tier of ISP Speed
Meetinghouse --> Tier 4 of ISP Speed
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Re: What does the future look like for Media in the meetingh


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This was very insightful and helpful.
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