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iOS Podcasts App

Postby natedavis » Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:17 pm

I am a stake technology specialist, and was asked like most in these forums to help find a way to facilitate the videos being available in our meeting houses. I happen to live in Utah, and in our stake a vast majority of the YM and YW leaders have iOS devices (iPads or iPhones). I noticed in the Podcasts App from Apple, if I search the Store, the Church has made available a TON of the video clips via this app. Allowing me to download them in HD, and they are stored on my device. Allowing me to pre-cache them at home in preparation for any lesson given. For our Stake, that is ONE option I have been proposing to the leadership that ask.

Not sure if very many people here were aware of this other option to have Media pre downloaded before they get to the ward house. We are in the process of replacing our older CRT TVs with newer super cheap flat panel displays to support HDMI or VGA plugs to display.

Anyway, just wanted to through out what we were doing currently. The feed is not fully working to download the content for the 2013 media in the Podcast Store, and I am unsure who I would contact to notify that it is not working. If anyone could point me on who to ask, that would be helpful.

Thank You!

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