Possible talk streaming program like Pandora

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Possible talk streaming program like Pandora

Postby jchrisshaw » Mon May 21, 2018 10:44 pm

Is it possible to develop a program that sorts and streams general conference talks like Pandora? You could set it up to have a "Jefferey Holland" channel and then have talks he has given over the years play on that channel. You would also be able to set up the "repentance" channel and talks by anyone with a main topic of repentance would shuffle in there. It could also have "most listened" to talks. "Classic talks" that defined new doctrine for the first time or clarified topics. It could have suggested channels, "if you liked James E Faust, you might really like Glen L Pace." There might also be an option to do different decade channels. It would be even better if all the BYU, BYU-I and BYU-H devotionals were available. CES firesides, YSA conferences, special commemorations, funerals, World wide training talks, Women's conferences, MTC broadcasts could all be accessed and enjoyed. I would imagine the coding would not be too complex especially if there was a "skip" option rather than a "thumbs down" option. I would be reluctant to "thumbs down" an apostle anyway. I know I spend a large portion of my time driving and doing chores w general conference or BYU speeches going but I am starting to run out of new speeches to hear. It would also be a wonderful way to allow the upcoming generations to hear the wonderful words of Hugh B Brown, Marvin J Ashton, David O McKay, etc.

I do not know about how licensing these talks works, but as a church our main job is to put out our message and there are no better spokes people than our general authorities. It seems a shame that so many of these wonderful talks will not be heard by so many of our members because they know not where to find them. I assume it would be much easier for the Church to produce this rather than give access to the content thru another outside party.

I don't think the Mormon Channel is able to sort in this way and continue playing content. I do not think the BYU speeches etc are available in the Mormon channel either.

This may be an idea that may take some time to catch on, but I think if you build it they will come.

If you wanted to get really fancy you could do the program in different languages though I assume the database would be biggest in English.

Do we have recordings general conference from the 1930s?

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Re: Possible talk streaming program like Pandora

Postby hammnl » Tue Sep 18, 2018 5:28 am

Love this idea! I would use it and recommend to others!

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