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Java Stack 3.0 Released

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:49 pm
by YoungstromMJ
At long last the Java Stack team is pleased to announce the release of version 3.0. Significant changes in this release from the last release candidate include:
  • Creation of a wam maven plugin that helps manage and orchestrate within a build the WAM Emulator for a project.
  • Upgrade to Spring 3.0.5 allowing enabling the removal of the rewrite filter in Spring MVC projects.
  • Addition of some JSR 303 validators for stack-security-web.
  • A significantly refactored and simplified Stack Starter adding support for:
    • GWT
    • WAM
This release also includes a number of backwards compatibility breaking changes from the previous release candidate. To upgrade in addition to changing your master pom to version “3.0” you may need to make the following changes:
  • Search and replace all instances of “” with “”.
  • In your project’s qa module the Tomcat deploy plugin “run” goal has been changed to “start”.
  • In your project’s “deploy” module the Tomcat deploy plugin “start” goal has been changed to “deploy”.
  • A number of changes to the pseudo-l10n plugin:
    • The plugin has been renamed to pseudo-i18n
    • The “dot-build” goal has been renamed to “expose”
    • The “pseudo-localize” goal has been renamed to “lengthen”
  • In applicationContext.xml if you have a ManifestBean defined it has been renamed to SpringManifestBean.
  • The UrlRewrite filter has been removed from stack-master. You’ll need to add a version to that dependency in your web pom.xml add <version>3.2.0</version>
  • The stack-security-web module went through a significant refactor. Several classes and methods were renamed. The replacement classes and methods shouldn’t be hard to identify. If you need help contact a member of the Stack team.

With Stack 3.0 now final expect a new training series to be starting up soon.

If you have any questions about Stack 3 please ask in this forum or contact a member of the Java Stack Team.


For detailed release notes please view the changelog: