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Primary Class Merge


Post by chris_hazeldine »

Apologies if this has been address elsewhere - I tried searching the posts but couldn't find anything on the topic.

For the 2013 Primary Classes we have been working through the Stake assisting the Ward Clerks to represent the actual classes in the units in MLS. This has meant a number of classes being merged and split depending on what is happening in the unit.

What I have observed has been interesting, and seems to be a pretty major bug but appreciate it if someone could provide any feedback or replicate and see if it can be corrected.

After merging the Valiant 10 and 11 for example, once MLS got back confirmation of change of records and a batch of Member Record Prints on Send/Receive, half of the class was now no longer linked to the class. In the record there were no organisations/classes listed and they no longer appeared on the rolls. We took Valiant 11 and merged with Valiant 10 and it seems that the Valiant 11 class members were the ones that are no longer linked to the class. This occurred for CTR classes also.

Anything that anyone has seen before? It occurred on all units where we had a class that needed to be merged.

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Re: Primary Class Merge


Post by brogers »

I think we had the same thing happen to us as well.
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Re: Primary Class Merge


Post by jdlessley »

It sounds like when the two classes are merged the membership rules for one of the merged classes becomes the membership rules for the new merged class. Since the members of one of the merged classes do not meet the membership rules of the newly merged class then they are orphaned.

When merging Valiant 11 with Valiant 10 I am guessing the "merge" link was clicked for the Valiant 11 class. This would mean the Valiant 11 class was merged into the Valiant 10 class and then named something like "Valiant 10 & 11" in the "Merge Class" dialogue box. If my theory about class rules is correct then the Valiant 10 & 11 class would inherit the class rules for the former Valiant 10 class.

I did not complete the full process of merging classes and doing a send/receive because I did not want to unnecessarily mess up our Primary classes. But I did merge the Valiant 11 class with the Valiant 10 class temporarily. Normally the rules for a class can be viewed by clicking the name of the class. That opens the edit class dialogue that displays the class rules. In the case of the merged class I noted the class rule for "Minimum Age at Beginning of Year" was blank. I have no idea whether or not this has any bearing on the bug discussed in this thread.
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Re: Primary Class Merge


Post by russellhltn »

What would happen if you merge the Valiant 10 with Valiant 11? I think Alan had noted that it was easier to merge the younger YW with the older group then the other way around.
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