Event Name Concatenate in Week View

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Event Name Concatenate in Week View


Post by bpredd »

I have an odd glitch going on with how event names display in week view.
When I input two events on a day like these two – all displays normally.
09:00-10:00 Kub Kar Setup
12:00-13:00 Race Time for Kub Kar

When I add an event at another building in our stake like this one below, then the two Kub Kar events names change only in week view.
So, I add this event at a whole other building:
09:00-16:00 Primary Conference

It display just fine, but in week view, both the Kub Kar Events display names like this:
“Kub Kar SetupRaceTime for Kub Kar”

Essentially, when they are displaying along side another event that bridges them, somehow in week view, they concatenate names, but only in week view and mouseOver tool tip.
If you go into each event, it still has its own, correct name. And month or agenda view they display just fine.

On the attached screen shot (at bottom) – on Mar 18, there is an example.
Test Event 1 is at 09:00h
Test Event 2 is at 15:00h
Test Event 3 goes from 08:00h to 22:00 (overlaps the other two)
You’ll notice the mouse over tool tip, shows the concatentated names on Event 2 … shows as
“Test Event1Test Event 2”
….. Which is the names of the two smashed together. If I remove Test Event 3 (then the names are just fine. They are also just fine as is, in month and agenda view.)

Thoughts…..on this glitch?
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Re: Event Name Concatenate in Week View


Post by aebrown »

This was reported quite a while ago in the topic Week View problem. Note that the problem was acknowledged by a Church employee in this post, so no further action is required on your part.
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