Small flaw with the insert missing lessons link

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Small flaw with the insert missing lessons link


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So far, very grateful for the new link to insert missing lessons. Found one small flaw with it though.

Here's my scenario. Gospel Doctrine has only 46 lessons this year. Originally my last two weeks of the year, though set to use the manual, didn't have a lesson selected because we ran out of lessons, with lesson 46 scheduled the preceding week. Based on suggestion from the Helps for the Teacher section at the beginning of the manual, I changed the 8th week to be lesson 7 again, extending it over two weeks. I then used the insert missing lessons link to insert lesson 8 in the following week and push everything down one week. When it did that, it stopped on lesson 45, leaving the last two weeks as "New Lesson" and untouched. Not a big deal, but since those two weeks are set to use the manual, I would have expected it to populate them up to the last lesson in the manual. After changing the next to last week of the year to lesson 46, I extended lesson 27 to two weeks and then inserting 28 back in the following week. Again it stopped at 45 and didn't touch the last week where no lesson was selected. Again, not a big deal but maybe worth looking into...

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