Accessibility problems with Beta Directory

Beta testing of the Local Unit Directory Application
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Accessibility problems with Beta Directory


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Thank you for your time and effort in improving the Directory pages. There are some critical missing capabilities for accessibility. There are some basic tasks that are impossible for a person who is blind or mobility impaired to use on the Directory function as currently implemented. (I think we would agree that *all* members should be able to get information from the church directory, regardless of their physical abilities.) A person must be able to accomplish all tasks with a keyboard only, and without using the mouse.

1. The Ward/Branch selector button is not in the tab navigation ring. It cannot be reached without the mouse. It is totally inaccessible with the keyboard, and is never spoken by a the screen reader. The effect is this: the blind user may not even be able to find which ward/branch they are viewing, because the ward/branch is part of the dropdown widget, and it is not in the tab order. A mobility impaired or blind user cannot change the ward/branch; so they cannot find any information about people in other wards/branches in the stake, nor can they find phone numbers for their Stake Leaders. This widget does not appear in the form controls dialog (Ins+F5 JAWS), nor in list of links for the page.

2. On the My Household dialog the Stake/Ward/Leadership dropdown selector widgets suffer from the same problem. They are not in the navigation ring, and cannot be reached nor changed with the keyboard. These widgets do not appear in the form controls dialog (Ins+F5 JAWS), nor in list of links for the page.

3. There is no indication for a blind user that a list element in the first or second column is selected. So, for example, there is no way to know that it is the Bishopric selected in the second column and is displayed in the third column.

4. The columns themselves have no headings or tabular organization, so there is no way to skip from column 1 to column 2 to column 3 without tabbing through the entire contents of the column. This is a usabilty problem for those that can only use a keyboard.

Please add these items as high priorities in your defect list.

Thank you
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