Why isn't MLS using the U.S. National Grid?

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Re: Why isn't MLS using the U.S. National Grid?


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A real GIS system can generate geocodes, but I've never found a way to plug them directly into MLS.

What I've settled on is overlaying existing ward boundaries, school districts, and census tracts (which include county and state lines), then generalizing the slivers (anything less than a hectare or so). I then go through and manually consolidate the smallest jigsaw pieces (paying attention to ward, school district, and county/state). When boundary changes are under discussion, I might find I need to realign a few blocks along the way.

I generally do not use the points that are generated in LDS Maps. For starters, they often do not move when a member moves. Also, sometimes addresses aren't formatted exactly right and so LDS Maps is more likely to get confused than a good geocoder would be.
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