Clerk Computer managed from SLC - Why the limitations

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Clerk Computer managed from SLC - Why the limitations


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Does anyone else have SMTP or Scan To Email functions or iPad printing setup for their stake offices? I had it working, but SLC decided to kill it and have not, to this point, provided a work-around. Does anyone else have this working?

Here's my Story if you are interested:
World-wide, back in the summer of 2012, the clerk computers all received an updated that forced many new firewall rules on the clerk computer. As I worked with the Desktop Management team, I came to understand that it was an accident.

At the time I had 2 significant solutions running on the clerk computer that our Stake Presidency used extensively. The first, was a small SMTP program to host the copier Scan To Email feature (I implemented this as last resort after failing on multiple attempts to use an official SMTP Server). The second was another piece of software enabling AirPrint (printing from iPads).

I worked with the Desktop Management team to see if we could enable these again, and was told it was a security decision and that the request had been made to them, I tried to keep in contact with them weekly, then bi-weekly, then they just gave up responding to me either through phone calls or email. I guess I can't blame them they apparently had no response for me either.
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