Loss of data on send receive.

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Loss of data on send receive.


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Stake clerk did a send and receive. It showed updating callings for over an hour. When he went in some stake data was gone. For example all the bishoprics. I went in as a stake clerk and did a unit refresh. Everything came back except a couple of clerks. This was on Wed. I came today did a send receive and all the all the bishoprics are missing again. I did another refresh of data and everything came back. That was about an hour ago. I had to do another send receive and all the bishoprics went away again. Is there some kind of issue I have not heard about.
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Re: Loss of data on send receive.


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It sounds like your local MLS database (or your hard drive) is going bad. I would suggest calling Local Unit Support and have them look at the database to see if they can find anything.
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