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language issue newsletter


Post by gwish »

The last couple of days when accessing the admin portion of the lessons and newsletter site I keep getting everything in English except the newsletter portion. When I click on the language button and choose English it says that The page you have requested is not available in your language. Any ideas?

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Re: language issue newsletter


Post by mevans »

Can you be more specific about what's not appearing in English. I'm not sure what the "newsletter portion" is. I looked at the admin pages of both Lesson Schedules and Newsletter and they're in English for me.
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Re: language issue newsletter


Post by russellhltn » seems to have sporadic cases of where it decides to change the language on someone. Check the URL for the phrase "lang=" and make sure it's "eng" as in lang=eng.

A couple of other alternatives is to click on the "globe" icon at the very top and select English, or to exit and clear the browser cache and cookies.
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