Custom Android rom for missionaries.

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Custom Android rom for missionaries.


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I was talking with the missionaries in my area and they said they could not have a tablet. I dont understand why the church does not design a custom Android ROM for missionaries. I design Android ROMs for work, and you can do anything you want. I have taken out camera drivers for our android tablets so the camera does not work. You can disable usb drivers so it cant get media from a computer, and make it so apps cant be installed. You could even make it so the tablet connects to a proxy. This would allow all internet traffic to go through church servers. Android devices could be made missionary safe (no movies, no music, or no pictures) and allow them to use digital preach my gospel, scriptures, and other applications to keep up with the digital age. You can write an app or service to do over-the-air updates (from church servers). When all this is done you can flash to a device that has an unlocked boot loader (i.e. Nexus 10, Xoom, ...).
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Re: Custom Android rom for missionaries.


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I think your best chance on advancing that idea is to talk with your Mission President. Let him run the idea up the chain of command.
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