Stack 3.3.1 Released

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Stack 3.3.1 Released


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Java Stack team is pleased to announce the release of Stack 3.3.1. This release is mostly a bugfix and update release.

Some of the more notable items in this release include:
* We spent some time reviewing the Fortify security scans that were run on our modules, fixing items where applicable. Relevant Jira issues include: STACK-4593, STACK-4590, STACK-4592, STACK-4591
* STACK-4555 Stack Web Security module was significantly modified, leveraging the new ESAPI-Encoder module where possible, along with a newer version of AntiSamy
* STACK-4546: Canary now honors the show-database-info attribute
* Added initial support and examples for use of Spring Data JPA
* STACK-4556 Added link to Grunt Maven Plugin documentation
* STACK-4603 <server_name> not properly interpolated in
* STACK-4599 Integrate CloudFoundry deployment support in starter
* STACK-4562 Add some general purpose XML utilities
* STACK-4416 Upgraded Stack Starter to use Groovy 2.0.x instead of Groovy 1.8.4.
* STACK-4428 Correct documentation for creating thread pool scheduler
* Various Pet Store bugfixes and enhancements, including examples of using Spring Data JPA (in petstore-admin-web module)

* Library Upgrades:
- Maven WAR Plugin 2.4
- Spring Data JPA 1.3.2
- AntiSamy 1.5.2

For upgrade information please refer to our upgrade notes.

If you have any questions contact a member of the team.


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