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Personalized Homepage


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The church could make its homepage customizable much like the iGoogle, Yahoo, or MSN's personalizable homepages. By personalizing the page, the default church homepage, could be turned into a personal church portal which connected you with desired aspects of the church, stake and ward websites. (the stake and ward integration is a major key to this really working).

The vision of the whole project is to have a church/stake/ward webportal that all members WANT to have as their home-page because it connects them to whats most important to them. Most of this being, of course, church sponsored applications, activities and information. The basic outline or workings of the portal would be somewhat based on google's customized home page or yahoo and msn's. The most important widgets on the portal will be NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS. At a church, regional, stake and ward level. Also, that of secular news portals like google news could be added if desired? (like google, perhaps users could create and submit widgets which if they met certain criteria, could be integrated).

After this the ward/church web portals could give access to a multitude of tools and applications that aid them in their callings, much like google offers a multitude of applications to aid their customers (google earth, docs, picassa photos, maps, etc). Church applications could include things like PAF family history programs, ward bullitan templates/creators, sacrament meeting program templates, ward boundary mapping applications, lesson preparation tools (integrated with gospel library). All available in a easily accessible manor like Google.

I'll bet that currently less that 5% of members with the internet ever use or look at their ward website. If the whole suite is useful enough, I'll bet many members would start using the page as their homepage, bringing them into closer integration with the church and the family building programs it offers.

As a rule of thumb, pioneer companies prosper when they find a product that customers find useful. So as the saints see companies or technologies (such as google) prosper, we should ask ourselves, "how can we use/do what they did to build the kingdom?"

I foresee this happening eventually, but perhaps it is a good distance in the future for now?

-Lance Weaver

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