Windows Phone Content Updates?

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Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by thenays »

There have been no content updates for the Windows Phone LDS Gospel Library app since June 2013. We are missing content for all magazines and the Youth Come Follow Me manuals since then. I reinstalled the app to no avail.

Is this a known issue? Please address the situation ASAP. Folks are starting to give 1-star ratings, which is app developer suicide.

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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


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I just launched my LDS Gospel Library app and the content is now there. It is good to see that the content got updated.

I would also like to point out that the LDS Tools windows phone app is also getting quite a few 1 star ratings. I think the app is having issues with some people. Also needs a few features like photos for example.

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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by lynnjohnson44 »

The June - September Ensigns were finally posted, but we haven't had any updates since then. Also the October General Conference has not been posted. Please give this your attention.
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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by FetteJK »

I'm Glad to see that I'm not the only one not getting the updates, however that is little compensation for the fact that it's not happening... What I wonder about, If there is anyone actually responsible for doing the posting. When we had that long drought from June til September... there was nothing about what was going on... I as did many others continued to ask in a nice way does anyone know what's going on and there was total silence. I don't mind waiting if someone will tell me why I need to wait. I would be willing to help although my expertise is not at a level to address these matters but I understand work load and deadlines and so if we're relying on a volunteer could we be volunteers and help out. I'm disappointed that no one has stepped forward and explained what's going on with the Windows Phone Project. Thanks for each of your postings hope we can receive more information soon.
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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by ToManyLetters »

Yep, and it's not just Windows Phone that's not getting content updates. Gospel Library for Windows 8 hasn't had a single content update since its release--in fact, it hasn't had any updates since its release. There hasn't been a single bugfix or feature update at all--there's still no login for syncing, no languages support, etc. And the last available Ensign is from back in May.
Learn more about Gospel Library for Windows 10 Beta at the link below:
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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by riceboyler »

I'll add a comment to this thread as well. Why is there such a lack of transparency from who ever is developing these apps? I'm on the team for the Android Gospel Library, and there are great updates/communication from the developers, as well as frequent test builds published.

Why is there no official project for any of the Window/Windows Phone apps where we can sign up to help out?
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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by sbradshaw »

There is an LDSTech project for LDS Music for Windows 8 / Phone: ... jectid=156
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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by jkentner »

Any idea when October 2013 General Conference will show up? It is available on the other platforms.
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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by dkmortensen »

I'm also waiting for the October 2013 General Conference content update to be released? (along with my wife, my brother, at least 2 of my cousins, etc.) There are plenty of WP users in the Church & the platform continues to grow market share.

How many human hours does it actually take to update the content of the app for 1 general conference. I'd be willing to help if it could speed things up.

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Re: Windows Phone Content Updates?


Post by jbrawlingsii »

I sent an email on the same subject over two weeks ago and have had no reply. I'm not sure anyone else has had similar issues but the last three or four issues that did finally show up, most articles with bad formatting and missing paragraphs. The lack of response makes it appear that no one is currently supporting this product! :confused:


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