LDS Gospel Library 1.0 dead link.

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LDS Gospel Library 1.0 dead link.


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I found this page and it seems to have a link for a version of Gospel Library that works for Windows Mobile 5.0. However I click the link and it's a dead link. ... ows_Mobile

Does anyone have a link to download this?

Also, the church website seems to have removed the downloads for scriptures in Mobipocket Ereader format. Does anyone have those files anymore? I gave my son my old Pocket PC and want to put the scriptures on there for him.

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Re: LDS Gospel Library 1.0 dead link.


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That link has been dead for while (more than a year). I've tried to find alternative downloads but to no avail. I've even reported the link through the help and feedback mechanism on (the lds apps page used to link to that dead link as well). All they did was tie the dead link on for the windows mobile app to the windows phone store page for the newer app. Obviously this makes no sense and I replied to the help ticket that they had redirected the link incorrectly. I just double checked the link right now and it still goes to the wrong page. I might still have a copy of the *.cab file on my computer somewhere. If I find it I could send you a copy. That said, the app was marginal in my opinion. If it is just scriptures you would like, the ldsview application which can still be downloaded, was more robust though slightly more cumbersome.

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