How to improve the Quarterly Report

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How to improve the Quarterly Report


Post by tubaloth »

Can you guys put this on your list of things to do with the Quarterly Report.
First, on Sunday I was hoping to print off the different lists to give to the different organizations. (How many HPs, Elders, RS Sisters are attending).
In MLS program I can click on the blue link and it will bring up a list of where they are getting that number from. The problem is I can only get the last quarter report numbers, not the new ones. I don't think there is any point in me printing the list we used from dec? I'm guessing you want us to wait until the quarter has finished. Then we wait for the next sunday, print out the documents and give to the organizations. Now if we can we ask them to return them to me as soon as possible. But in most cases its not until the second sunday do I get them back.

Yes I understand its not technically the end of the quarter yet so those numbers could change, but getting this information to the organizations early helps get the report finished earlier.
I suggest that you allow the Quarter report to be accessed a month early (so that would be March for the April report). But I would not be able to submit the report until its actually April.

Second. A lot of the data you want comes from multiple organizations. It would actually be easier (in the day of computers) to just split the data up on the actually report. But if not, at least allow me to print the data for the different organizations.

For example the Total Melchizedek Priesthood holders attending priesthood meetings, this is attendance of both High Priesthood Group and Elders. I go into MLS and print the report, but it has both Elders and HP on the same paper. Elders don't know the High Priest Attendance. My options are to print the list twice and give it to both, or to sort it, then print it, and cut the paper in half. The problem with this is it usually prints two pages (anyways) so I have to cut off a little from the first page, and give them the second page.

This just seems like we could do this better. Either have the Quarterly Report ask for each Quorum attendance (and have a list for each group) or just let me select the Elders, print it, HP group print it.

The same thing holds true for Single Adult members. This list has both Male and Female. It is for two different organizations. Again I either print two copies, or cut one up.

It would also be helpful to have these "lists" that come up in MLS to link online. Right now online it just gives a little popup. I know you guys are still working on the online stuff.

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Re: How to improve the Quarterly Report


Post by eblood66 »

tubaloth wrote:It would also be helpful to have these "lists" that come up in MLS to link online. Right now online it just gives a little popup. I know you guys are still working on the online stuff.
From what I understand, as of April 1st, this part will change. The lists will no longer be available in MLS but they will be available online. At least that's what it sounds like from the 3.7 release notes. However, I don't think that will change any of your other concerns.

Personally, I don't give those lists to the organizations. I just have them use their attendance rolls. I just use those lists as reference if I have a question about whether someone has moved from one organization to another during the quarter. I use the Members Moved In report to check for anyone else that might not be on the rolls. But, then, we don't have that big a turn over so I usually already know about the few that have moved in and what their activity level is. That might be harder in a ward with more turn over.
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