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Hello all...

A quick question, seems to have gone totally https very recently, as have many other sites. We are a totally Mac household (art&design and music) and when my wife and I have bought new macs we pass the older ones to the children. The problem now is that the website security settings on the mac on older operating systems to block pornography also blocks https sites as standard, and as the kids computers are G5 and earlier we can't update the OS.
So we now have a choice - block all https sites (including the church site) or allow anything through, including pornography...

I realise that this is not an issue with the Church site, but rather with the age of our computers and the tendency to use secure sites over non-secure. We don’t have the finances to buy new computers for the kids, so until we decide to update all the computers again, this will be an ongoing problem.

Any thoughts anybody?
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You didn't mention how you're blocking pornography sites. Are you just using settings with the built-in parental controls, or do you have special software installed?

You might be able to find security software that runs on the older PPC models. Some vendors and freeware developers make older software versions available. Even then, many children figure out how to circumvent these mechanisms. With a G5, the highest OS you can run is 10.5. It's going to be more difficult to find software for this OS. I still see a lot of support for 10.6.8, but occasionally I see people supporting down to 10.4. Good luck.
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