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Save As PDF Functionality


Post by Hilohi »

Do the clerk computers come with software that saves MLS reports in PDF format?

Currently I take a laptop computer and a binder containing MLS reports to my church leadership meetings. I would like to save the MLS reports in PDF format so that I can put them on my laptop and take just my laptop to meetings. I'd also be saving paper by doing this since I'm constantly printing MLS reports as they're updated.

If clerk computers don't come with software to save MLS reports in PDF format, may I download software such as PDFcreator? If I may, would I have to ask the bishop or the stake computer specialist before I do so?

On a related note: Are there any plans to have MLS reports (i.e. HT reports, attendance reports) available online?
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Re: Save As PDF Functionality


Post by Biggles »

PDFcreator as well as CutePdf are both approved for use on Clerk computers. Check with your STS if he is happy for you to install that software.

Your related question is the most requested online facility! At the moment there is no indication if and when this might happen.
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Re: Save As PDF Functionality


Post by benjamincarleski »

The Church has the CutePDF print driver available for download on its software download site. You can talk with your Stake Technology Specialist, as he's the one who should do the installation, though he may be fine with you doing it yourself.

There are a number of MLS reports online right now in the Leader/Clerk Resources tool on They continue to add more each year. The Key Indicator report will show attendance, for example. These reports right now are only accessible to Stake/District/Branch presidencies and Bishoprics as well as the secretaries and clerks for those leadership groups. The HT/VT functionality is not there yet as those numbers are only recorded locally and aren't transmitted to CHQ, so they can't generate reports on them. If you search the forums, you'll see there have been a number of discussion on when and how those could get online, but right now there hasn't been any firm commitment made as to when. Finally, access to the online reports for other auxiliary leaders, and for individuals on their own HT/VT information for example, has been discussed as well on these forums, but again no commitments have been made by the Church at this time.
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Re: Save As PDF Functionality


Post by aclawson »

I personally use PDF Redirect available free from - I originally used CutePDF but found PDF Redirect to be easier to use - especially when combining documents from multiple applications.
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