ward council and pec

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ward council and pec


Post by mykbaker »

If Ward Council and PEC were added to the ward organizations then it would make it really easy to send emails to those groups.
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Re: ward council and pec


Post by bbosen »

I agree. Now that the online Directory has functionality to extract email addresses for members of ward organizations, it would be VERY helpful if authorized ward leaders (Executive Secretary or Ward Clerk, for example), could create additional "Ward Organizations" for leaders that request this. I am the chairman of our "Pack Committee", and I would find this very helpful. My daughter is the Relief Society President of our ward, and she would like to create Visiting Teaching "Routes" as "Ward Organizations" to gain this same power. I can imagine MANY such groups that would benefit.

My son, who is Executive Secretary in his ward, says he has access to a new application called "Send A Message", which has "Available Groups" to receive email messages for use by leadership and other defined organizations, but not with the granularity that I have requested above. Furthermore, because this application is restricted to only a few leaders, it does not meet my needs at this time.

(I know that it is possible to get some of this email functionality by creating customized calendars, but it's complicated to coordinate this with intended recipients.)

The existing functionality within the online Directory is ALMOST perfect, but falls short due to lack of granularity. Could we [PLEASE] have this ability to create more granular "Ward Organization" groups or subgroups that could then be visible to members through the online "Directory"? (Note that the Primary and Cub Scout Organizations are not included in the current list of groups under the "Ward Organization" list and could benefit from this)

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Re: ward council and pec


Post by mevans »

A new version of "Leader and Clerk Resources" is in the works. This is going to open things up to more ward leaders. I don't know if it will meet your needs or not, but that seems to be where development focus is at the moment.
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