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It appears this is hosted outside the church network. Any idea why this wasn't hosted at one of our colo facilities?
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I think it can be best explained this way.

The flagship site is new FamilySearch. Given all the growing pains with that as new temples are brought online and the membership in each district is able to register, they need to concentrate the colo assets to that main site.

The wiki and forums will be major components of the entire new FamilySearch effort eventually, but while they are testing them, and adding functionality as it is found, and as the user base expands and demands more resources, they will likely bring it all under one roof.

I've heard they are looking at hardware, and may have some of the boxes, but designing the network architecture is another matter, and they are working on that as well. It will take some time, but all of this will be worked out.
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The wiki itself is hosted at Ashburn. The forums are hosted privately for the time being.

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