What's the commitment for being a beta test unit?

For community testing of Clerk Resources
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What's the commitment for being a beta test unit?


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In the thread Expanded Access to Leader and Clerk Resources, PartridgeRM said the following:
PartridgeRM wrote:We are planning to expand access to ward council members, their presidencies and secretaries. Our first beta group begins on 9 July 2014, with the second group starting a couple of weeks after. Hopefully, if all goes well, it will release globally at the end of August.

We'd be happy to include those who want to participate in the 2nd group or later beta testing. If you're interested, follow the directions found here.
Our ward is interested in participating, but the bishop wants to understand what commitment the church requests from beta testers. In short, he doesn't want to volunteer and then not deliver what the church needs from beta testers.

Can anyone explain what the church needs beta testers to do? For example, are there specific test cases they need people to run? Does the whole ward council need to participate or can only certain individuals participate? What is the feedback mechanism? Do people have to post to this forum, or can they email, or both?

Thanks for any information you can provide.
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