Update/New idea for teaching/classroom app

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Update/New idea for teaching/classroom app


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I knew of app contest. Finally before general conference some thoughts came, but they all involve just tweaking or adding onto what is in the Gospel Library app.
For example we know that the church sets up the Teachings of the Presidents lessons in the Lesson schedule section (which I don't feel we use as much). My first thought is, take that calendar data and put it in the current Teachings of the Presidents Manual. When you go into the manual it lists all the chapters (I guess depending on your view). But can't we just put the date that lesson is scheduled to be taught next to it. Both the teachers and the class members tend to not remember which lesson was taught last. This should keep everybody on the same schedule. (at least those using the app).

I don't think the church has any API that they allow people to use to add on to gospel library apps?

To go along with that idea. Another way to help keep lessons flowing is to maybe get some type of shared lesson.
So the President of the Quorum or RS would give rights to teachers and counselors to some special section in Gospel Library app.
This would allow the teacher of the class to mark/highlight different paragraphs they plan on talking about. Not sure if this would be in some special color(s) or highlight differently than a normal highlighted scripture. Then the teacher would be allowed to upload this chapter to the church.

Then the class members in that ward would be able to download this overlay into their Gospel Library. (it would be done on ward level for the most part). This would be something the user could turn on and off. This would not add anything to their own highlighted paragraphs, they would be independent.

This would favor those using the electronic manual vs physical manual. This also would mean the teacher would have to prepare more than just sunday morning.

I have another idea for sunday school lessons, that would be different and almost take a whole new app (or section) to pull it off. If you are interested.
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